President Address

The Chinese nation is the only nation in the world that has no cultural fault, and it is also a nation with a long history. In history, China has been in an absolutely leading position in economy, politics, military, culture and many other aspects, making indelible contributions to the progress of mankind. In science and technology, China led the world in science and technology until the early Qing dynasty. Before the Qing dynasty, China's economic aggregate accounted for more than 20% of the world's total for several thousand years, and as high as 30% in 1820. However, it gradually declined under the impact of the western industrial revolution. With the joint efforts of all levels in China, modern China only recovered to 8.9% in 2009, and reached 15% in 2015, which is still far behind the history. The main reason for China's backwardness in modern times is that it did not catch up with the west's industrial revolution led by science and technology, especially the third industrial revolution centered on the electronic revolution. To realize the dream of becoming a powerful country, China must develop the manufacturing industry, especially the cutting-edge manufacturing industry. In history, China's "One Belt And One Road" was actually a commercial road. In that era, Chinese goods were continuously imported to the west, but now the world's largest integrated circuit sophisticated electronic products have become the largest imports from China.

As a descendant of the Chinese people, we AMT also cherish the Chinese dream. We are determined to become an international storage giant through scientific and technological innovation. We will uphold the spirit of "One Belt And One Road" and build a bridge between the east and the west just like the silk road, so as to enrich China and serve the world.  

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