Don’t forget your heart, remember your mission——Revisit the party’s oath in the July 1st Party Day


On July 1, 2019, on the occasion of the 98th birthday of the Communist Party of China, all party members of the Party Branch of Jiangsu Memory Semiconductor Co., Ltd. (AMS) revisited the oath of the party and presented gifts for the 98th anniversary of the birth of the Communist Party of China.


The activities centered on revisiting the oath and studying and implementing the spirit of the 19th Party Congress led by President Xi Jinping. Guide all party members to bear in mind the solemn commitment and firm determination to join the party. Further motivate all party members to be active, initiative and creative in their work, and enhance the cohesiveness, combat effectiveness and centripetal force of party organizations. Guide all party members to give full play to the vanguard and exemplary role, work hard, let the party spirit shine in the hard work, strengthen the faith, and keep the initial heart.

In the long-term development process, AMS fully demonstrates the corporate culture spirit with the national sentiment as the core through the establishment of the 4A” Party Construction Office and the content of the company's internal quarterly publications, which makes the initial heart and mission of the enterprise bear in our heart and transform into action.