Lecture phase IV of AMS——development history of semiconductor


On May 6, 2019, AMS on the administrative five floor amphitheater held the history of semiconductor lecture. This lecture invited Mr Ben B.J. Tseng (AMS), the general manager, in the semiconductor industry experts to popularize knowledge of semiconductor and its development history. Chairman of the company, Mr Zhang long, company leaders and other department staff listened this lecture.


(keynote speaker Ben B.J. Tseng)

Mr. Zeng bangzhu introduced the development of semiconductor.

He traces the beginning of the 20th century to the birth of the first transistor at bell LABS, which ushered in the era of human silicon civilization. He also discusses the latest research achievements of the semiconductor industry and the difficulties and challenges it faces.

The development of an industry should not only consider the course of history, but also rely on self-struggle.

Technical talents and managers of integrated circuits need to have the courage to innovate. The market of core technologies cannot be changed, bought or negotiated. Only by focusing on ourselves and tackling key problems with advantages can we achieve technological breakthroughs.