The "safety week" activity of AMS came to a successful conclusion


On April, from 8th to 16th, the one-week "safety week" activity of AMS came to a successful conclusion.

Based on the concept of implementing the responsibility of enterprise production safety, popularizing employees' safety knowledge, enhancing employees' safety awareness, and putting an end to all kinds of safety incidents, the activity is organized and carried out by the company's environment, safety and health department. All responsible departments are required to actively participate in the safety work and activities during the "safety week".


This activity has many forms, such as: put up the safety banner, the slogan and the poster, the safety knowledge competition, the safety improvement proposal, the escape evacuation drill, the staff safety production pledge signing ceremony, and carries on the safety propaganda education to the entire staff, the fire hydrant extinguishing practical operation training, the accident processing emergency drill and the entire factory evacuation assembly and so on. More than 1,289 people participated in 10 events.


Evacuation drill

Fire hydrant fire drill

Safety knowledge competition final   production division vs technology development division

Employee safety pledge oath

Employee safety assurance letter

Starting from the right side, AMS general manager Ben B.J.Tseng , COO Zou yebo sign a commitment book


Ben B.J.Tseng, general manager and CEO of the simulated etching department, took the lead in the emergency drill of chlorine gas leakage accident. Mr. CAI mingxian, executive deputy director, served as the chief commander. 287 people participated in the drill.

Employee commitment to signing ceremony, safe production, general manager of AMS Ben B.J.Tseng, XingMeng, COO Zou Yebo, executive vice President and other leaders take the lead to participate in the activities, and in security commitment book signing, production safety in the common big discussion. We draw lessons from recent several accidents, and combining the reality of company safety production, earnest analysis, summarizes the possible security problems. Also we extrapolate and highlight the pertinence and effectiveness of activities to reunification of ideological understanding and measures of safety work to deploy again to carry out the employee safety responsibility and achieve zero accidents in the company's safety production, to create a positive and healthy enterprise safety culture.