AMS held the 2019 spring recital contest


On April 10, light rain visited AMS, and more than 130 poetry lovers with their favorite poems went to The lecture hall to participate in the 2019 spring recital contest.


(opening ceremony)


Mr. Zhang long, the chairman, made a speech at the opening ceremony. He said that poetry can cultivate sentiment and gather strength, and then he led an impassioned recitation of "Snow White song sends the military judge back to Beijing", which officially kicked off the "spring recital in 2019 era"


In the background of music, the reciters convey their love for spring, career and life through the pure and vivid recitation, which makes the audience feel the coming of spring and be full of the beautiful expectation and pursuit for the coming of spring.

Finally, the whole English poem "Do not go gentle into that good night" written by Ben B.J. Tseng, general manager of AMS was the finale.


(First prize  Production department  "spring and dream dance")

(Second prize  Administration department   "I am proud to be Chinese")

(Third prize Human resources department   “luoshen fu” )

(Forth prize Manufacturing engineering manjianghong)

(Fifth prize  Process integration department  front door)

(Ben B.J. Tseng 《Do not go gentle into that good night》)


After the recitation of the contestants, the special guest Shi yaojun, deputy head of the publicity department of huaiyin district, made a comment on the activity. He said that the recitation not only showed the good spirit of the enterprise staff, but also embodied the enterprise culture of The Times. He hoped that The Times could continue to carry forward the concept of dreamers.


(Shi yaojun, deputy head of the publicity department of huaiyin district)


The recitation meeting has become a link connecting the company's "family culture", transmitting the company's corporate culture and philosophy, and has also become an important force driving the majority of employees to learn.