PCM is Leading the Growing AI Market


    Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing into the largest market in the global IT industry. However, the core algorithm and massive computing is still limiting the development of AI. Nowadays, with the development of PCM technology in the above fields, the AI market is growing more and more rapidly.

  On June 8th, IBM published its new IC design plan in an article in Nature, accelerate the training of fully connected neural network by computing in memory with PCM technology. The energy efficiency reaches 280 times of GPU, in addition, it achieves 100 times Hash Rate in the same area. This chip brings revolutionary changes to the development of AI. First, due to the similarity of PCM compares with Cranial nerve unit, it can be used for local computing, local storage, local study and local decision making, which are completely different from the Alpha Go type, which relies on huge background databank and strong computing capacity after cloud computing. Second, new AI chips based on PCM technology will massively introduced into personal smart devices. Third, this type of chip will greatly increase the operation efficiency of data centers and save a huge amount of energy.

  The PCM technology used by Jiangsu Advanced Memory Technology Corporation (AMT) is keeping in line with the world's cutting-edge technology. In the AI technology field, Dr. Chung Lam, CTO of AMT, ex-director of PCM project in IBM, is leading four R&D teams from US, Beijing, Hong Kong and Taiwan on neural network AI chips based on PCM technology. The company's product line is as follows: EEPROM/NOR Flash/2D cross point/TCAM/Neural Network AI/3D cross point. It is expected to launch a neural network test chip in 2020 and mass production of neural network AI chips in 2021.

By: Long, Eric