Jiangsu Advanced Memory Semiconductor Corp. annual 10W pieces of phase change memory project for the first time EIA publicity


Our company has undertaken the "Jiangsu Advanced Memory Semiconductor Corp. annual 10W pieces of phase change memory project EIS" , According to the State Environmental Protection Administration to develop "public participation in environmental impact assessment Interim Measures (UNCED > 2006[28]), the environmental impact assessment work related information publicity as follows:

(A)Name and outline of construction project:

Name of project: annual 10W pieces of phase-change memory chip project in 12 inch

Construction Property:  New construction

Construction site : Huaian high tech Industrial Development Zone, Jiangsu, China

Construction unit : Jiangsu Advanced Memory Semiconductor Corp

Project investment: the total investment of the project is RMB 3 billion yuan

(B)the name and contact information of the construction unit

Project unit :  Jiangsu Advanced Memory Semiconductor Corp




(C)The name and contact information of the environmental impact assessment agency :

Name of Assessment Institution: Information Industry Electronic Eleventh Design and Research Institute, Ltd

(certificate number: State Environmental Impact Assessment Certificate No. 3209th)

Address:  Shuanglin Road No. 251 Chengdu 




(D)Working procedures and main contents of environmental impact assessment:

The environmental impact assessment shall be conducted in accordance with the relevant regulations of the State Council on environmental impact assessment, environmental impact assessment law and so on;

  The main content of this evaluation is engineering analysis, cleaner production analysis, pollution prevention and control measures, e public participation and environmental risk evaluation.

(E)Major issues for public comment:

(1) the information provided by the public should include: name, occupation, education, home address and telephone number;

(2) do you know / understand the project to be built in the area;

(3) according to your knowledge, what is harmful to the environment  by the project ;

(4) what do you think of the damage to the environment caused by the project;

(5) what are your suggestions and requirements for environmental protection of the project;

(6) from point of view on environmental , what is your attitude to the project, and a brief description of the reasons

(F)The main method of public delivering opinion:

The public can provide advice by:

(1) by means of E-mail;

(2) the way to call directly;

(3) the way to write a letter.

(G)Publicity time:

The publicity time is ten days from the date of publicity, publicity day for December 6, 2016 to December 19, 2016

(1) by E-mail;

(2) direct call the way;

(3) write the letter.

(7) Publication time:

The publicity time for the publicity of the date of ten working days, publicity for the December 6, 2016 to December 19, 2016.