AMT-Ningbo's PCM manufactory at Huai'an held groundbreaking ceremony


On the morning of September 28, 2016, accompanied by the soft breeze and gentle drizzle, Ningbo AMT Huai'an PCM factory project officially broke ground. Under the witness of leaders of municipal government, Ningbo AMT held groundbreaking ceremony with the project partner Huai'an Hi-tech Industrial Zone.

As a critical project introduced by Jiangsu Province, Ningbo AMT Huai'an PCM Factory project has been given increasingly attention by the provincial and municipal governments at all levels. To be specific, Huaijin Gong, the deputy of Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization of Jiangsu Province and Xiaodong Yao, Huai'an Municipal Party Committee Secretary presented, delivered important speeches. Jianlin Hui(Mayor of Huai'an), Daolun Tang(Vice Mayor of Huai'an), Quan Zhao(director of Municipal Commission of Economy and Informatization), the Municipal Political Consultative Conference the Municipal People's Congress and the government departments' heads, Huaiyin District government departments' heads at all levels, as well as IBM technical and cooperative global responsibility Person Mary Coucher all attended the ceremony. The groundbreaking ceremony was presided over by Zeyu Liu, secretary of Huaiyin District Committee. Long Zhang, chairman of Ningbo AMT, Huai'an PCM plant project director Dr. Yebo Zou and deputy director  Meng Xing, also attended the ceremony. In addition, hundreds of local people and representatives from the construction side witnessed the groundbreaking ceremony. This commencement ceremony in Huai'an is unprecedented. The high standard is rare, which shows the attention it receives. Also, it demonstrates the huge impact of Ningbo AMT PCM project on the country.

At 9:58 am, the ceremony officially began. Firstly, Long Zhang, the chairman, delivered a speech. He expressed thanks to the support from leaders at all levels, and introduced the advanced nature of the PCM project, the impact and future planning briefly. Then, Huaijin Gong, the vice director congratulated on behalf of the Jiangsu provincial government on the project, and stated the high attention Jiangsu Province gives on the development of Integrated Circuits and the project of PCM. At the end of the ceremony, Mr. Xiaodong Yao gave a speech. He said that Phase Change Memory is recognized by the industry as the most mature memory in the fourth generation of memory, and the AMT, as one of the three companies that own the world's fourth-generation memory PCM technology, carries the cooperation with IBM's technological achievements and talent reserves. He also mentioned that settling the project in Huai'an is a complementary advantage, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation since it provides the opportunity both for the AMT to open up new space for development and to further enhance the development of Huai'an integrated circuit industry to help Huai'an become the country's integrated circuit industry base. 

Considering the project construction, Mr. Xiaodong requires that Huaiyin District, the City Commission and other relevant departments should seriously implement the 101% service concept and cooperate with AMT in order to support the PCM project and to promote the project put into operation as early and as effective as possible.

Shangwu Li, the project partner, delivered another speech on behalf of the Huai'an Hi-tech Zone Secretary that they would work together with AMT to build the fourth generation of Huai'an memory production base.

In the end, Mr. Zeyu Liu announced the common foundation for the project. Along with the cheerful music and gentle drizzle, Mr. Huaijin Gong, Mr. Xiaodong Yao, Mr. Jianlin Hui, Mr. Daolun Tang, Mr. Quan Zhao, Mr. Zeyu Liu, Mr. Long Zhang, Mr. Ye Zou, Mr. Meng Xing and Ms. Mary Coucher from IBM dig together for the project foundation

The commencement ceremony dropped the curtain accompanied by the sound of the rumbling machine.

The PCM project of Ningbo AMT Huai'an invested 13.0 billion in total. The investment for the first periods is 3.0 billion, which consists of 300 million financed by the government and the rest is from government-led fund investment. As a condition for the cooperation, AMT Ningbo provides technology and a small amount of money and owns 51% of the shares of the project in the future. The project will be completed in the first half of 2018 and put into production.