Laboratory services

Product testing laboratory:

It is used for the verification and measurement of product characteristics before the formal mass production of the product, as well as the debugging and trial run of the mass production test program.

The lab currently has a T5831ES engineering test machine and a CM310 probe station that can perform wafer and finished product (IC) related experiments to meet these needs.

Electrical measurement laboratory:

Using a semi-automatic measuring machine can simultaneously test the phase change memory and basic components (including gold oxide half field effect transistors, diodes, transistors, resistors, capacitors, etc.). Meeting the current 40nm process and the future 28nm engineering application. In addition, it also has testing and R&D functions. It is a world-leading company for the current large-scale wafer foundries and a small number of integrated circuit design companies.

Product measuring machine

Product measuring machine panorama

Electrical measurement

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Semi-automatic measuring machine

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