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Jiangsu Advanced Memory Semiconductor Co., Ltd (AMS) settled in the national Huai'an High-tech Industrial Development Zone in October 2016. The total investment of the project is 13 billion yuan. It was established by Jiangsu Advanced Memory Technology Co., Ltd. and Huai'an Yuanxing Investment Co., Ltd., and completed the first phase of construction in 11 months. It committed to the development and production of storage products equipped with the latest PCM technology.


The company moved into the first equipment on March 22, 2018, and entered the production equipment commissioning phase. In August 2019, the first phase-change material-based 2 megabit programmable read-write phase change memory was developed. This is a big event in the history of AMS development. It marks that we have broken the monopoly of foreign technology, mastered the core technology of phase change memory and realized the commercialization of mass production.



Phase change memory is a new generation of memory products based on phase change materials. It is also recognized as the most mature next-generation memory technology. This memory is equipped with special phase change materials, and uses its material characteristics to change the phase state for data storage and data storage. There is no need to perform an erase operation in the process, so the phase change memory has a storage speed thousands of times faster than the traditional memory products of the same type. In addition to the huge advantages in read/write speed, the stability, power consumption, and resistance of the product are Radiation performance has unique advantages, so it can be widely used in industrial control, automotive, mechanical equipment, smart home, 5G network, consumer electronics and other fields. The market potential is huge.


In the future, the company will continue to introduce high-capacity series of memory products, such as high-density phase-change memory (3D PCM), tri-state content-addressable memory (TCAM), and smart memory  to better meet market demand.


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