Jiangsu Advanced Memory Semiconductor Corporation (“JSAMSC” for short) is a joint venture invested by Ningbo Advanced Memory.Technology Corporation (“AMT-Ningbo” for short) and Huaian Yuanxing Investment Corporation,founded at October 2016.We are committed to the development and production of Equipped with the latest PCM(phase change memory) technology storage Products.Jiangsu Huaian PCM Production project total investment 13 billion yuan,Huaian Yuanxing Investment Corporation  shares accounted for 44%.AMT-Ningbo has its own intellectual property rights and cash contribution, accounting for 56%,Intellectual property rights including the company's proprietary technology and patents. Production facility is also being constructed.

PCM is a kind of nonvolatile memory technology,which uses special materials to store information in different phases.Compared with the traditional storage technology, PCM is low power consumption, stable performance,radiation resistance, low cost, storage capacity is much higher than the exclusive hard disk, running speed of 1000 times,and durability of  1000 times. PCM is the  most mature fourth generation memory technology  Recognized in the industry,the Miniature characteristics make it is known as  the memory standard in 21 Century.PCM will gradually replace most of the existing memory and greatly expand the memory market, especially on the big data, IOT,wearable devices  which  market is still in the infancy.PCM market has a considerable prospect.